Josh Frias

Josh Frias is a loan officer at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. Since joining the mortgage industry in 2002, he has worked extensively with a wide variety of loan products ranging from conventional and jumbo loans to government programs through the FHA, VA and USDA. Josh takes a lot of pride in being the “pilot” in the mortgage transaction and always does his best to avoid turbulence while, most importantly, landing the plane safely and on time. He attributes his customer loyalty and strong referral base to his take-charge approach to his mortgage practice and his commitment to providing consistent, honest communication and outstanding customer service. Josh is a graduate of Bentley University and holds a degree in finance. He lives in Salem, New Hampshire with his wife, Beth, and their three daughters, Paige, Alyson and Norah, as well as their dog, Eskimo. When he’s not helping his clients achieve the dream of homeownership, you can find Josh coaching his daughters’ softball teams, playing golf or hockey, or catching a baseball game or football game.